Monday, 2 May 2011

☆Disney Nail Art Contest Part 1☆

 I've completed my entry for the Disney Nail Art Contest held by Orlica!
I picked a theme from the movie Cinderella☆ 

 All entries are posted on her blog now,
that means I can show you my entry in more detail here!

First, I have to apologise for the messy background
and the poor lighting(´ω`;)

I started working on my nails in the morning and took me
until the night which meant that I had to work 
using my small desk lamp (。・ε・。)

Ok, here we go!
This is my design plan
...yes, I can't start designing on my nails straight away.

I extended my short nails with acrylics 
to get more space to decorate.

Then I applied baby blue and white shimmer nail polish.

Airbrushed with purple and royal blue
to make a gradient effect.

Hand painting from here...
Can you guess what it is??

It's supposed to be a pumpkin carriage!

...add some more details...

I just love this gold acrylic paint!!

Added some swirls around each nail with a gold colour.

And then I drew the Cinderella Castle in Disney Land!!

It was quite hard work because it's so tiny...
I compared my finger to the image that I copied, hahaha.

And a Cinderella silhouette on my thumb.
I didn't like her hair style here so I changed it a bit later.

From here, I started some acrylic 3D work.
I might continue with the next post because it's getting long!

If you'd like to see other peope's awesome entries, 
(and I'd be really happy if you could vote* for me~!!)
*You can vote ONLY after joining Orlica's Google Friend Connect
(Following) is completed:D

See you soon!!


Linnie said...

ahh, your nails are so lovely! I really love the airbrushing effect, and your painting skills are amazing! What brand of gold paint do you use, though? The brands I can find here (US) all say they're unsafe for skin...

☆~Jenia~☆ said...

wow this is truly a masterpiece! i really wish I could be albe to do this someday! How many years have you practiced for such skill? honestly i can't believe you have just drawn it with your hands...

Eunice said...

Love your nails ! Esp the castle and the cinderella :) Good job ! I followed ur blog for some time :) I have created my own nail blog recently. Easter bunny nail was inspired by you. I didnt do it well though :P you may take a look at

cheers ~

Pan said...

Wow! That is extremely gorgeous! You must have a steady eye and great eyes... and amazing artistic talent. It is really quite amazing how some people can work in miniature art. I love the castle, especially... but all of the art is very detailed, I'm so surprised it all fit on one fingernail! Great job, I hope I can do something like this one day.. ^^;

Banana said...

They're amazing!! That castle is unbelievable, you're so talented to draw it with free hand... *_* And I love the Cinderella, the pumpkin carriage and the air brushing effect! And the 3D acrylics are super cute... ^^
I checked the competition, and I really hope you're going to win! The other entries were pretty too, but you've put so much time and effort to this design.. :)

Good Luck~! <3

Orlica said...

Good job :)
Just please, ensure that people voting for you are my GFC followers - most of them aren't ;)

Ari said...

even though I entered too, I couldn't help to vote for your's. I should invest in acrylic paint too.

Minnie said...


Thank you very much for your wonderful comment!! I'm glad that you liked it:D The brand of my acrylic paint is called "Winsor & Newton - Artist's Acrylic". Sorry, I'm not sure if this brand has any effect to the skin or not...Great colours though!

Minnie said...


Thank you very much for visiting and for your very nice comment:D I've got a certificate in nail tech, since then I'm doing nails around 4 yrs:p If you like nails, I'm sure you'll be able to do more than me in no time;))))

Minnie said...


Aww~! Thank you very much for following me~!! I saw your nail art too and I love them all:D They're so cute!! I think you did a great job in designing the Easter nails!

Minnie said...


Oh~!! Thank you sooo much!! I did have good eyes when I was focusing, but my eyes were totally useless after designing this, hahahaXD You're so sweet to give me such a wonderful comment, thank you!!

Minnie said...


Thank you very muuuchXD I'm so happy to hear you saying such wonderful things about my nail art:D Yeah! Other people's designs are sooo cute!! Mine's are a bit carried away, hahaha:D Thank you again, Banana<3

Minnie said...


I'm very happy to hear that there are sweet people voting for me~!! I'm very sorry that the most of them aren't following the rule too:( I'll make sure to write something about it on my blog. Thank you very much for visiting and letting me know!!

Minnie said...


Really??! You're such a generous person!! Thank you so very much for voting for me~:D Acrylic paints are great! They're easy to use, not smelly, much cheaper than nail polishes and last almost forever!!

The Nail Buff said...

Need I even say how ridiculously good these designs are? You are so talented!
There are a lot of very good entries in the competition, but you will definitely get my vote x

Taninhah said...

Really cute.
And wooow the castle !!
Lovely *_*

Emmzz said...

I voted for you minnie! I love your design so much, it must have took you forever! Good luck! x

Minnie said...

>>The Nail Buff

HahahaXD You're funny:))) Thank you sooooooo much for voting for meee~!! You're so generous and sweet! and funny:D I love all the other entries, they're super cute, aren't they!!

Minnie said...


Oooh~! Thank you very much for visiting and leaving such a nice comment:D

Minnie said...


Wow!! That's fantastic newsXD Thank you soooo much:D I'm so happy that you liked them!! You're so sweet! Hehehe, I'm such a slow person, the design took me a whole day lol!

Sara ♥'s ... said...

Omg wow. Your design is awesome! I voted for it at the contest =)
I'm new to your blog... got here from Orlica's! But once i'm done writing this i'm gonna visit the rest of your blog as it seems pretty awesome to me! =)
Good luck for the contest!

Rabbit said...

Minnie you were my Nail Princess, now you are my Nail Queen!

Minnie said...

>>Sara ♥

Awww! Thank you sooo much for voting for me:D I'm very happy that you found me:) Thanks to Orlica! Very nice to meet you;D

Minnie said...


HawaaaaXD Thank yooooou~!!! You're my Nail Queen sister too~;D Big kisses<3

maRyya said...

i just found your blog and it's awesome. i'm new follower :]
visit mine, too, if you have the chance

Minnie said...


Wow! Thank you very much for finding me:D I did visited your blog too;p and I love it so much!! Your nails are awesome!! I have to check it out more closely, hehehe:D Nice to meet you~!!

KarzU said...

I looooove this mani!! It's just amazing! And that's amazing! And the cinderella...all of it! I would've voted for #14..which was u, but u need to be a follower... But I HOPE U WIN!!

Jane said...

This is so amazing!! I just can't believe how perfect it is! I really like the thumb :) I also entered the contest (the Aladdin mani) but mine isn't nearly as good as yours! Good luck with the contest and can't wait to see the results :)

Minnie said...


Thank you sooo much!! I'm really happy to hear you liked it and wanted to vote for me:D Wish me luckXD

Minnie said...


Thank you very very much for visiting me~:D I loved your Aladdin design very much!! You're so good at drawing characters:D Very nice to meet you!!

m. said...

wow so pretty.. especially the castle!! so tiny and detailed! i've also seen the shoe you made, you're awesome <3!

Minnie said...


Oooh~, thank you sooo muchXD I'm so grateful for you saying so...<3 Thank you~!!

Anutka said...

Wow, wow, wow!
The detail in these is just incredible!!!

Chrissy said...

Amazing details!! I love doing mini painting work and yours is exceptional!!!! The castle detail was very impressive, I will strive to reach your skill level!! The glass slipper all i can say is I'm speechless!!! I would love to try and create some 3d, but I have no experience with acrylic power and such yet!

Tats Jeffery said...

Oh my gosh... you have such talent!! These are super amazing! Speechless :)

nail tips said...


Sandy said...

These are such awesome Disney nails. I've been looking for something cool for my upcoming trip but I have no artistic talent there whatsoever. Do you ever do blank nails and sell them?