Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Food Nail Art Contest Part1ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ


I've entered the
"Good Enough to Eat" Nail Art Contest

All the entries are posted on her blog now,
so I can show you my entry in more detail!!

This is my entry...
Too many things are scattered everywhere~!!!!
But please let me explain! It'll all make sense!

the theme of this contest is "Food".
I spent lots of time choosing which type of food I should pick to design,
because I have too many favourite foods!!

So, what I came up with was
to pick foods that I love to eat in one day!
It starts from breakfast and ends with dinner
Now I'll show you the cooking process! hehe(゚∀゚*)ノ

This is what I started with...
My nails are extended with acrylic nails.

And then, I designed a tablecloth for each nail,
made miniature foods using mainly acrylics,
painted these foods with acrylic paint,
and assembled them onto my nails.
(I'll show you this part tomorrow!)

The happy day starts with a nice breakfast!
I chose a croissant and a glass of fresh orange juice!
Sitting on a white lacy tablecloth.

I feel like a cup of latte and a strawberry muffin
on a fun colourful table mat!
Oops! I stumbled on something and my latte is gonna spill!!

Lunch time!!
My favourite mini pizza and fresh salad
on the picnic cloth!

Another snack attack!!
A big slice of strawberry cake, choc chip cookies
and gummy bears!!
I have to keep these mischievous bears on my hanky!

At the end of the day,
I'd love to enjoy a gorgeous sushi boat
at my favourite Japanese restaurant!!

Hehe, I enjoyed going through each design with you!
Thank you very much for reading.
I'll show you these food parts before they were assembled
on my post tomorrow!

There are more fun food nail art at
They look so fun and you can spend a whole day there!!

And if you could vote for me (No.22), I would appreciate it sooo much
and I'll love you for the rest of my life!!!!(☆゚∇゚)☆

Thank you~!!


Zarina Villanueva said...

I also joined! Entry #21.
Yours is soooo awesome! Very creative! =)

→ http://marshee13.blogspot.com/

Cat said...

Wow. So amazing

TheCherylFlavour said...

Very very pretty and so many details! I'm in awe!

Minnie said...

>>Zarina Villanueva
Thank you very much for visiting me~!! I loved your ice cream designs very much;D So nice to meet you<3

Wow! Thank you so very much;p

Thank you very much~XD I loved your sushi design too!! They're super cute;D So sweet of you to come and visit me~<3

Banana said...

WOW!! OwO That's so cool!!! xD How on earth did you do all those tiny foods?? They're super cute and sweet and they look so delicious... xD Definitely good enough to eat!
Good luck for the contest~! ^^

Taninhah said...

Woow xD Super cute :DDD
Love the sushi boat *__*

Sara ♥'s ... said...

OMG Minnie! I'm actually left speechless!
This is the craziest but prettiest nail art I'v ever seen! I'm in LOVE with the croissant and glass of juice! And the little mug of coffee is soo adorable!
The detail you put into this is just incredible =]
Ok I could talk about this forever so I'l shut it for now lol... but seriously seeing this has just made my day =D

CopyCat said...


KarzU said...

I entered too~ (#29) I bet you will get A LOT of votes, that is just SOOO awesome!

nail crazy said...

this is amazing, love these details, you're truly an artist... but i'm repeating my self ;-D

Chrissy said...

I'm ashamed to say I want to eat your nails~!! hehe =x Amazing!!!! I so want to make the coffee cup~!!! What acrylic do you use btw? Maybe I'll attempt to try this and probably fail but hey why not :D Thank you for being such a great inspiration *hugs*

Sara ♥'s ... said...

Also I just remembered to tell you that I voted for you! Lol I was just so overwhelmed before I totally forgot to tell you!
Good luck to you and everyone else but really I hope you win! =]

Minnie said...

Haha! I like this face:OwO!!
I was like a boar, I couldn't stop making these foods once I started;p I'm so glad that you think they look tasty~:D Thank you very much for wishing me luck~<3 xxxx

Oh~! Thank you sooo muchXD The sushi boat is funny, isn't it:D
Thank you for visiting~!!

Aaaww~XD Thank you sooooo very much!! I'm very happy that you like them:D I always love your very energetic comments!! And THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH for voting for me~XD You're a SUPER STAR!! Thank you, thank you, thank yoooouuuu~<3 XXXXXXXXXX

Oh~!! Thank you very much!!Thank you for visiting me~:D

Woooowww!! I know~XD I LOVE your clay cookies sooo much!! They're so cute and the shapes are amazing! I would've eaten your nails if they're in front of me;p Hehehe!! Good Luck to us~!!

>>Nail crazy
Thank you so very much!!! You're so kind and sweet to say that<3 This is how much I love foodsXD

Hahaha!! I wouldn't recommend you to eat them~XD Acrylic products I used was, white acrylic powder from EZFlow and acrylic liquid. I painted the coffee design with acrylic paint;D Yes! Please try!! Trying and failing is much better than not even trying;D If you have any questions, please ask any time!!

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

omg!!! so tiny and cute! you are a master!!!

Sandra said...

Your nails are absolutely amazing! So detailed and cute. You're really talented! :)

Minnie said...

Ooooh~!! Thank you sooo much~XD I'm glad that you think they're cute;p

Thank you so very much for visiting me~!! I loved your Italian nail art too~:D You're awesome<3

Rabbit said...

Again amazing design and amazing nails! I love it!!! Its soo tiny and so cute :)

Minnie said...

Aaww~!! Thank you sooo very much!! I'm so glad that you think they're cute:))) Because I was chasing after the realness too much and forgot to make them look cuteXD

Kpatricia19 said...

I love your work just added u to my blogroll


Eunice said...

Sorry am abit late Minnie >.< I really love your design so much esp the very sweet base of each nails ( very detail and thoughtful). I especially love the first and the last ! they are really cute and to me it's impossible for me to make it ! You are so awesome ! love ~~~ :)