Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A Block of Chocolate Nails (^ω^*)☆


Today I have blocks of chocolate on my nails!!
Do they look like blocks of chocolate???

I used very thin sticky tape to create the blocks 

And I added small freehand gold squares
on top of these...

If I change these colours to orange and yellow,
they might look like an open mango lol

I'm going to try dipping them in white chocolate tomorrow~;p

Have a wonderful day~!!
Thank you very much for visiting~ 


Bunny nails said...

That looks delicious! You are so creative ^ ^

Anastacia said...

OMG! Thats look like a chocolate! Love ur yummy nails :)

Btw, here is the nails I've got inspiration frm ur design :)

Sandra said...

It really does look like chocolate. :)

nail crazy said...

yummy yummy, now i'm in a mood for some chocolate ;-D

Sara ♥'s ... said...

Oooh that looks so tasty! Haha i'm such a chocoholic lol so I'm in love with this =]
Can't wait to see the white choc sauce! =P

Kirshten said...

These nails look sooo yummy!! How did u do that?!?! They look so real and 3-d like

Minnie said...

>>Bunny nails
Hehehe, thank you very much~!! You're so kind to call that creative;p

Aww~, thank you soooo much~xD I have to go and check your post out!!!!!! Thank you for letting me know~!!!!

Hehe, thank you very much~;p

>>nail crazy
Yeah, I can eat chocolate anytime too~xD

Haha~xD I'm a chocoholic too~!!! We could be choc sisters~xD

Yeah, they do look like 3d! I just applied a thick coat of dark brown nail polish on top of tape and that's it! You should try it too~;D

Bunny said...

hat kind of tape do you use? It works so well! I think I might try painters tape because it is less sticky.

I did it with regular scotch tape once, and it peeled the first layer of nail polish off! :o