Friday, 21 October 2011

Halloween Nail Art Designs No.7 ☆^∇゜)


This is my Halloween nail art design No.7 

It has a gradation background and hand painted designs.
There are tiny pink sequins scattered around too 

Just before the sun set,
the Halloween characters started showing up for the party!!

Are you going to dress up for Halloween??
I don't think I will, but I love looking at people 
with great costumes!!

Okie, that's all for today 
Thank you very much for visiting!!


Bunny nails said...

As always, your nail art is great. In this case, I like the gradation effect because it gives softness and cuteness to the drawings.

nail crazy said...

omg, i love this little witch, awesome job :-D

Anastacia said...

U're so great with all the inspiration of Halloween! Love this one too, esp the witch looks so cool!
Unfortunately here is no Halloween holidays in Korea and I wish it is :)

Pheepo said...

Waw... lovely gradation.. ♡♡
Very cute and cool nail art ^__^

mmm... I think this is the best from all your very cute halloween nail art.. i rank this for number 1 *or maybe u still do another halloween nail art?hahaa :D*

Rabbit said...

Great design. I am not going to dress up for Halloween, but maybe I will try to paint my nails in some Halloween nail art design :)

Lady Butterfly said...

I LOVE the gradation!!!!! It's great!!!!!

Minnie said...

>>bunny nails
Aww~!! Thank you so very much~xD I'm so grateful that you think so~!!

>>nail crazy
Hehehe, thank you so very much!! I like the witch too;p

Thank you sooo very much!!! We don't have Halloween holidays here in Aus either:( I wish there was too, I like holidays;p

Thank you verrrry much!! I'm not sure if I'm going to do more Halloween nails. If I get inspired I will;p

Thank you very much~!! and me too! I don't have any cool costumes to wear, so I'd probably pain my nails too;p

>>Lady Butterfly
Wow! Thank you so very much~!!;p

Anonymous said...

What nail polish colors/companies did you use?