Friday, 17 February 2012

☆ 500 Followers Give Away ☆


Now, I'm all prepared for my 500 followers give away!
These are my thank you gifts from me~

Based on the results of the poll 
on the right hand side of this blog,
I chose 5 TINS nail polishes
and a few extras!

I picked nail polish colours which are nice and sparkly!
 I'm sorry for not doing swatches.
I wanted to keep them brand new!!

And, I chose these as the deco parts!
These are really tiny "Love" and steering wheel shaped metal parts.
And these are tiny rhinestones.

And a super tiny painting brush as a tool!

And floral nail stickers!

I hope you're interested in receiving these gift from me

Okay, here are some rules and ways to earn extra chances
that I'd like you to follow to enter this give away which are:

1. Only my awesome followers can enter this give away.
So, please follow my blog if you'd like to enter.

2. Make sure to use your GFC name when you enter the form.

3. If you write about this give away on your blog, 
you'll get an extra chance.

4. If you copy the top photo and the link of this post to
the side of your blog you'll get 2 extra chances.
(Please keep the photo and the link there until this give away ends)

5. This give away is open internationally!

6. This give away is open until I reach 500 followers
otherwise until 18.04.2012.

For the rule 3. and 4.,
please leave the link to your blog in the form below
so that I can visit your blog and check.
Only then you'll get the extra chances!

If you have any questions, please ask (^3^)/xxox

Now! Please enter using the form below~!!
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Bunny Nails said...

Entering right now! I'm sure you will reach 500 followers right away ;)

ADRIANA said...

Amazing!!! I just love your blog...!!

nail crazy said...

just entered, you deserved so much more followers, fingers crossed :-D

Lady Butterfly said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

shiny said...

Very nice give away price for the lucky winner!! :) I would love to win those :p hehe
I also have 500 folower giveaway in my blog right now, even though its all written in finnish :(

Bunny Nails said...

I nominated you to the Nail Polish Tag. I thought it would be fun to see your answers :)

Sonja Stankovic said...

Great giveaway!!
gfc name: Sonja Stankovic

Kisses sweety!!

NailUtopia said...

I am so happy for you Minnie~!!! Of course you so deserve it, you are amazingly talented!! *hugs*


Leslie K. said...

You are an amazing artist. Love your blog. Only 2 left before 500. Good luck.
Much love

nikoladeus said...

Happy to be the 500th ;)

Polished Kiwi said...

Aaw, found out about ur giveaway too late ;( well anyway, congratulations for having 500 followers!! And also, i wanted to let you know that i made a new blog to blogger, ill leave a link incase you want to see it ;)

crazzy n@ils said...

I am crazy about nails and this my first time entering your blog and i loved

Unknown said...

I just discovered (last Christmas) that I could somewhat paint both my hands and am constantly looking for ideas and I just found your blog. You're amazing! Can you tell me where you found your Kolinski brush? I need a better brush, the smallest possible and can't seem to find one as tiny as yours. Thanks for sharing your awesome talent with the interwebs!!!
(you can follow me on twitter: nellaarabrab, warning: I'm a boring twitter. I like following others better.)