Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Despicable Me - Movie Nail Art ♪

Looong time no see!!

I had soooo many things to do last week
that I couldn't find the time to blog!
Things are starting to slow down in my life now, hehe

Whenever I'm busy
I like doing fun nail art to cheer myself up!

I LOVE these guys (minions?) from the movie 
"Despicable Me"
Well, these don't look even close to the real ones
but that's okay! They look funny enough!

It'll be super fun to be surrounded by them, hahaha!!
What do you think??

Wow, it's already the middle of March!
Which means Easter is close!!
Are you going to do bunny & chick nails??

I feel like doing silly nail art, hehehe
Maybe I should get everyone involved!!
I'll talk about this in the next post

Thank you for visiting!!
See you soon~!!



Anastacia said...

Happy White Day :) Wow! This is sooo adorable nail design! Very cute! Even I didn't saw that movie I like the characters very much :)

mrsrexy said...


Nur Bamadhaj said...

so cute!

Buffykaz said...

These are gorgeous! I love the detail and precision. Great job :-)

Lia said...

omg these are brilliant!!!!

안젤린 said...

Hahah..OMG!!..Kawaii..I love it hun..Absolutely make me laugh..Happy White Day to you there..^_^..Can't wait to see more design from you..

ThRiSzHa said...

so cutee

Mirja said...

Wow, really well made​​, and those are fun. You are clever and you painted nails are a joy to watch :)

Lucie_xoxo said...

Ohhh i love these! I think they look just like the real thing!!

Mimi said...

These are super cute and fun,and you did such a good job.I love them:)

Katt said...

SOOOOOO cute!!!!! Love Despicable me!

Rochelle said...

These are sooo cute! You did very good. =)

nail crazy said...

long time no see... but what a comeback girl :-D
awesome nails, of course i love it :-D

Vilcis said...

OMG!!! My mouth is still open. Amazing. I tought those eyes were made of plastic, but you painted them!!!!!

Iris said...

Hihi, super cute♥!

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

awww!! super cute!! I love the eyes!!

Freshie said...

I love these little guys and especially the blue tips!

Minnie said...

Yaay! Happy white day to you too~!! I'm so happy you like my nails;p If you like funny movie, you should watch this movie:D

Thank you~!!<3xxx

>>Nur Bamadhaj
Thank you very much~!!<3xxx

Thank you very much!! So sweet of you to say that:D

Hehe, thank you very much~!!<3xxx

Hehe, happy white day to you too~!! I'm happy to hear that my nails made you laugh;p

Thank youuuu~<3xxx

Aww~, it's so nice of you to say that~!! Thank you so very much~<3xxx

Hehehe, thank you very much! I'm glad you think so~xD

Thank you so very much~!! So sweet of you to say that~<3xxx

Thank you veryyyy much!! I'm happy that you know the movie~xD

Thank you sooo very much~!!>nail crazy
Yaay! Great to see you again, hehe;D I'm so happy you liked my nails~xD

Aww~!! Soooo nice of you to say that~!! Thank you sooo very much~<3xxxx

Hehe, thank you~!!<3xxx

Thank you sooo very much!! Hehe, they look funny, don't theyxD

Thank you very much!! These blue tips are supposed to be their pants lol

Rabbit said...

Very happy and cute nails!

TheCherylFlavour said...

i love despicable Me and I love this! you did the expressions really well! <3 this!

Polished Kiwi said...

OMG they are sooo cute!!!! You're so talented!>;D

Marie said...

Minioooooooooons *-* I love too!! ARE AMAZING and your mani is my gooood!! I'm in love, really!!!! How time does it take??
Follow you now!!

Sparkly Vernis said...

I love that movie. So perfect!!

Maria Söderblom said...

Omg.. i just LOVE all your nail art!!! <3333 You are so talented!!

You don't have a youtube channel? =)
If not, you should start recording tutorials!!! ^^

Hugs from Sweden!

The Moose Chronicles said...

Wait, so you never actually explain how you painted your nails like this. I love Despicable Me. It's my favorite movie and my kids love the minions and would get a kick out of these nails.

KiBizz said...

Just saw these reblogged via fuckyeahnailart...SO cute! The minions were my fave characters in that film haha!

Debbie said...

I just saw these reblogged too. They're amazing!! I'd love to be able to do things like this but I can't do all the detail.

Artemilly said...

This one is definitively my favorite. I love this "guys"... :D

Anonymous said...

The moment I saw these I tried it on my nails....couldnt even do it half as good but I tried my best...I just found you yesterday and right now im going through ur nail arts @.@ ... all I cant say is OMG, your talent is perfecccttttoooo!! My mom loves your nail arts too :D. Have a great day!!!!