Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Spring Nail Art - Strawberry ☆

Has Spring come to your country??

It's getting cooler here in Australia.
But I LOVE doing Spring nail art
throughout the year because it makes me happy~

This is my current design - strawberry nail art 

I drew everything with a dot stick
apart from the green leaves 

I like these "not so perfectly shaped" strawberries

I hope you enjoy designing
your Spring nails too!!

Thank you very much for visiting~!!
See you soon!!



CrimiNail Art said...

OMG, is that cute *___*

Leimun said...

this is so adorable!! love them! ❤

Anastacia said...

Aweeee! This is absolutely adorable!! I so am in love with ur kawaii nail style!

Ahhh! It's kindda hot here last time feels like summer :P

Spektor said...

It looks amazing! Love those strawberries!

Lucie_xoxo said...

These are beautiful!

Oliwka said...

Wow.. Beautiful mani ! ! ! :)

polishloving said...

So cute! You are definately talented :)

Jane said...

Aww, this design is so cute and pretty! I love this <3

Iris said...

Omg, so cute! I am in loveeee♥!

And nooo, no Spring! Summer is almost here:,D♥!

Rabbit said...

Oh they are so YUMMY! When I look at them I want to eat some strawberries :)

nail crazy said...

you're so lucky - i've just eat some strawberries, otherwise i would just eat your nails ;-D

Kayono said...

Cute! I love the detailed leaves!

Freshie said...

Strawberries are my absolute favorite and so is the mani!

Naktsmeita said...

yumm !

Elizabeth King said...

This is really cute plus I love strawberries!

Ichigo said...

so adorable! strawberries are my fave >__<

Minnie said...

>>CrimiNail Art
Hehe, thank you very much!!

Aww~!! Thank you sooo much~<3xxx

Thank you very much~xD Wow! It's already summer??!

Hehehe, thank you so very much~!!

I'm glad you think so!! Thank you~;D

Thank you very much~!!

Wow! Thank you for saying that~xD

Thank you sooo very much!! <3xxx

Yaay!! Thank you sooo very much~xD Wow! Now you get to enjoy doing summer nails~;D

I'm so happy to hear that~xD I feel like some strawberries right now;p

>>nail crazy
Wow! I'm glad I didn't find my fingers in your stomach;p Hehehe~xD

Thank you sooo very much~<3xxx

Me too~!!! Strawberries are cute and yummy~;p

Hehehe, thank you!!

>>Elizabeth King
I'm so happy that you think so~xD Thank you very much~!!

I can tell you love strawberries!! Because it's even in your name~:D

Meg said...

AHH! I love those nails!

Artemilly said...

OMG! it's so cute, congrats for this adorable nail art!

miss.love2807 said...

this is like the cutest design I've seen in a while!! absolutely love it!

Lady Butterfly said...

OMG! I want someeeeee!!!!